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The BEST Problem Solving Strategy EVER!

word problems, problem solving, solving word problems

Let's solve a problem today boys and girls!
"Do we add?".... "Um...yes?"
 Do we subtract? ..."I think so."
Do we multiply? ..."I am not sure."
What are the key words? ... "How many?"

UGH times 1,000!

Does this sound familiar to you? Well...these are the exact questions and answers I have been asking and hearing for the past twenty-two years in my classroom.


This is by FAR the BEST

I recently attended a four day Train-the-Trainer Guided Math Workshop in Washington D.C..
AMAZING.. Yes it was!

Anywhoo... I learned this INCREDIBLE strategy called...

The Three Reads Strategy for Problem Solving!

word problems, problem solving, solving word problems

Can you say "Life Altering" or "Teach Altering"... well... this is it peeps!

Read on to see how The Three Reads Strategy is implemented...

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Hi Friends.... 
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YAY!!!!  It's my BIRTHDAY!  So LET'S CELEBRATE!  I decided to have a 20% OFF Sale in my TPT Shop in honor of my Birthday TONIGHT and TOMORROW!  

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Keep. Them. ENGAGED! Yes YOU Can...with a FREEBIE!

Real Talk... Are you ready?

I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life other than teaching.. but...
I AM T.I.R.E.D....with a CAPITAL "T"!

I have the cutest and sweetest group of littles this year...but
they are A.C.T.I.V.E. with a CAPITAL "A"!

So I literally have to take this into account with every single lesson I teach this year.  I cannot expect them to stay in their seats for a twenty minute lesson...nope.. not gonna happen..

Can you relate?  I am hoping you can....and I am sure you DO!

Hence...Keep. Them. ENGAGED! My motto this year...

4 Types of Sentences FREEBIE for newsletter subscribers!

I have really thought long and hard about how I deliver my instruction for the last few months and I feel it has helped A LOT for my littles!  There is always some type of movement, partner work, group work... SOMETHING... added into my lesson that gives my littles the movement their little bodies need. And this has helped...I am a little less tired every day because I have been giving them what they need which allows me to correct undesirable behaviors less.. Win..Win..don't cha think? :)

Four Types of Sentences Interactive Lesson and Freebie
This lesson that I created was on teaching
Types of Sentences:
Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamatory.
I actually broke this lesson up into two lessons. One lesson for Declarative and Interrogative sentences and one lesson for Imperative and Exclamatory sentences.
What's even better was that I was observed doing it! Yeppers!

I started with some sentence jumbles on Astrobrights cardstock. 
I am addicted! Is there a 12-Step program for Astrobrights Addicts?
I digress...

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