Sight Word Sleuths and a FREEBIE!

Hi Friends… I hope this post finds you well and rested!  Have you finished school yet?  Not me!  I have two more weeks and then the summer will begin :)

I wanted to share with you something that I have been working on this year for my classroom and I am super duper happy with the way it turned out :)  This year I had a cohort of students in my classroom that were basically non-readers.  Honestly, I have had low readers before in second grade, but non-readers…not really.  So I knew I needed to figure out how I was going to help them master their sight words and begin the process of learning how to read. 

My kiddos LOVED and I mean LOVED my Detective-Themed guided reading flip flaps this year, so I thought that I would figure out a way to help my little ones learn their sight words using a detective theme as well.  And this was born….. 

Sight Word Sleuth Tab-Its!

My little ones went CUH-RAZY for them!  Happy Teacher right here!  I think they just loved the different types of activities that they had to do and there were 6 different FIND IT scenes that changed it up with the different sight words I taught them.

I used the first 50 Fry words in this set and I am creating a second set with the next 50 Fry words, so in the end the first 100 Fry words will be covered.  Do you use the Dolch word list?  If so, they are basically the same with some exceptions and the order in which the word appears on the list.  But if you can find the word on the Dolch list…it is 99% of the time on the Fry list as well!

Here is how each Sight Word Sleuth Tab-It is organized...

On the Trace It page, the students used an ink pad and their fingerprints to trace over the large sight word and then use a colored pencil to trace over the smaller sight words.

On the Write It page, the students will write Disappearing Words using a white crayon and a marker.  They will write the sight word on the confidential file folders :) using a white crayon and color over it with a marker for the word to appear!

On the Find It page, the students will be Super Sleuth Detectives and find the 16 hidden sight words in the detective scene using a magnifying glass.  I made 6 different scenes that are rotated throughout the resource.  They LOVED this part of the booklet!

On the Spell It page, the students use Ransom Letters to spell out the sight word four times on a Tricky Sight Word Wanted Poster.
They will cut out the letters that are jumbled up and glue them in the boxes on the page.

On the Use It page, the students will use the sight word in 3 different sentences that are written on the page and then they must write their own sentence using the sight word.

Soooo… in a nutshell, I definitely feel like they mastered the sight words that we worked on and I saw them applying the words we learned in their daily writing.  That in my book is called a success. I was truly happy with the progress they made this year with their reading.  It was a lot of hard-work for them, but they did it and reaped the benefits…and became
Sight Word Super Sleuths
in the process!

If you would like to check out this resource in my TPT Shop, just click the image below to head on over.

And if you want to try them out… here is a
FREEBIE for you!  Enjoy!

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Number Sense and Decomposition of Numbers!

Hi Friends… I hope this post finds you all well.

I wanted to share a little bit about how we go about digging deep into number sense in our 2nd grade classroom and the beginnings of decomposition of numbers.  Just a side note… I have been teaching second grade for 22 years straight!…I know….right!  It's a long time in one grade, but I couldn't imagine teaching another grade level.  Every year I do everything in my power to change things up and add new ideas and activities to keep everything fresh and to keep MYSELF from becoming bored!

Anywho… a few years ago, we adopted Primary Mathematics which is a Singapore Math program.  This program adoption was a pretty big leap for us in terms of the way we taught mathematics for years in our school.  Most of the concepts and skills are the same, but we REALLY dig much deeper into understanding what makes up a number and how to decompose numbers.

I always begin the year with my Story Of Booklets.  I created these booklets to help my students understand fact families up to 10 and the concept of a number bond and the part, part, whole relationship using the number bonds.  We use our magnetic ten frames and counters to help us with this skill.  Here are some images of my students working on Parts of 10.  I always start with the Story of 5 and work my way up to the Story of 10.  These booklets are a perfect way to begin the year and to help your students gain a strong understanding of fact families and decomposing numbers.

This year I had some little ones who really needed more intensive instruction on what makes up a number and next year I am going to have a similar population of students with needs as well.  So I decided I needed to create something on a little bit of a lower level for my Guided Math groups to work on each specific number up to 20.  Since I use Interactive Notebooks in my classroom, I knew I wanted to create something that they could refer back to throughout the year that could be a resource for them to use!  I just created my Number Sense Flip Flap Biggies for my interactive notebooks.

These interactive notebook Number Sense Biggies will give my students a stronger grasp on number sense so when we go deeper into decomposing numbers, they will have a better grasp of the material.  I plan on using these with my struggling math students the first two to three weeks of school during my Guided Math groups.  These Flip Flap Biggies would also work extremely well in your kindergarten and first grade classrooms as well.  My little ones will practice writing the numbers {so they aren't backwards anymore}, writing the number word, practice subitizing, writing number sentences or equations, and using a number line.

These activities are just the beginning to help my students truly understand the concept of decomposing numbers!  In about a month and half after we dig deep into numbers…my students begin doing this….

and that = a HAPPY TEACHER!

If you are interesting in checking out any of my number sense resources, click the links below.

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Work on Writing REVAMPED!

Hi Friends… Long time…no write!  Sorry!  Working full-time…teenage twins….sports…TPT… there are not enough hours in the day..sheesh!  Anywho… I just wanted to share with you how I revamped my Work on Writing Station this year and how this station has become an absolute FAVORITE during our  Daily 5 rotations.

Last year, I found that midway through the year, my students were BORED to tears with the same old activities day in and day out, so I knew I needed to revamp this part of my Daily 5 Rotations.

Here is what my Work on Writing Station looks like this year….

One of the first things that I did, was create two different resources that completely CHANGED my Work on Writing Station.  I created my Themed-Shaped Writing Templates and my Writing Tab-Its!  Not only that… But I added a wonderful resource created by Mel-D from Suesstastic Classroom Inspirations  called The Ultimate Writing Station…which you can see on the bulletin board with the pink borders.  She added some adorable activities in this writing bundle and my kiddos can't get enough of them :)

These three additions completely changed the vibe in this station and my kiddos can wait to get there!

First up… Every week I have a "MUST-DO" activity and "CAN-DO" activities.  This helped my students not always choose the same activity week after week.  Here is a picture of it…and you can pick this up as a FREEBIE at the end of my post.

As you can see on the image above it says "MUST-DO"  2015 Booklet…then I give them some direction on what to write about.  This resource comes from my Theme-Shape Writing Templates.  Here are some images of my students' work from this year.  There are two to four different templates for each month of the school year.  What I love about these templates is that they are open-ended and it allows me the flexibility to give my students different writing prompts and choices for the writing activity inside.

The second resource that I created were my Writing Tab-Its!  LOVE…. I tell ya!  Not only do I LOVE them, but my students do as well.  This resource is jam-packed with writing goodness!  Here are some completed Writing Tab-Its that my kiddos completed this year…

Honestly, these changes to my Work on Writing Station were a HUGE HIT!

After they complete the MUST-DO writing activity for the week, then I let them choose a CAN-DO activity from Mel's awesome Ultimate Writing Station.  This resource is jam-packed with yummy goodness too… holy cannoli…she is one talented teacher :)  Her kiddos must have a BALL in her classroom :) 

If you want to check any of these resources out, click the images below

And here is a FREEBIE for your Writing Station…

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Prefixes, Suffixes and a FREEBIE!

Hi Friends....   The past two weeks we have been working on Prefixes and Suffixes in our second grade classroom!  My kiddos were having such a good time brainstorming words with prefixes and then figuring out the meaning.  They really had a strong grasp of the concept... I will pretty impressed.  After our whole group lesson on Prefixes and Suffixes, my kiddos completed my Prefix Presents Tab-Its and we just started working on my Suffix Stems Tab-Its on Friday.  We will finish up Suffixes on Monday.  Check out how they did....

Here they are working on my Suffix Stems!

If you are interested in checking out these resources, click the images below.

If you are looking for more Grammar activities, check out my Grammar Tab-Its…
Here is just a sampling of what is included in my
Grammar Tab-Its Resources!

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Reading, Math & More...Oh My!

Hi Friends!  Hope you are all well!  Confession time... I'm a BAD BLOGGER!  well... I guess you already know that already if you follow me :).  I'm sorry!  Between teaching, motherhood, wifehood, creating new resources, and cooking dinner... Ugh... There just isn't enough time in the day for blogging :(

Sooooo.... I think I have come up with a solution!  I am going to try to create a monthly blog post about upcoming units that I will be teaching in my classroom throughout the year!  My goal is to be a month ahead of schedule.  So we shall see if this helps with my blogging issues!

Today I wanted to share some of the things we have been up to in my classroom these past few weeks!

My district uses Pearson Reading Street for our Reading Program.  Each week, we have a main selection story to read, comprehension skills, reading strategies, grammar, phonics and writing to accomplish throughout the entire week during our reading block.  This week we read the story called Firefighters.  My kiddos worked on my Stop, Drop and Roll flip flap books to apply what they learned about Firefighters and being safe if there were ever a fire in their home.  Here is an image of what they created....

We worked on Multiple-Meaning Words, Prefixes, and Fact and Opinion.

For our Multiple-Meaning Words, I used my Reading Tab-Its and we completed these during my guided reading groups as part of our Word Work for the week.


We completed my Prefix Presents from my Grammar Tab-Its resource during our whole group lesson on Prefixes...


And we worked on Fact and Opinion using my Fact Finders Tab-Its Booklet...

In math, we have been knee-deep in MONEY...actually... I wish I were knee-deep in money..I digress..LOL

We have worked on counting money, making change, problem solving multi-step problems, working on part/part/whole with money amounts, and decomposing money to add.

It has been a busy two weeks in math.  We just completed the unit and as an authentic assessment, my students completed


In Science, we finished learning about Earth Day and my kiddos completed my brand new
Earth Day Tab-Its Booklet.  They LOVED it :)


Then.... THEY ARRIVED... The CRAYFISH.. Yes... we learn about Crayfish in our Second Grade classroom.  We use a program called Science 21 created by Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES.

Here they are....

We do many different activities, experiments and observations with our Crayfish.  I wanted to add a little pizzaz to this unit instead of just giving my kiddos a worksheet for each activity.   So I created a Crayfish Flip Flap Book.  Each page of the booklet corresponds to the activity or lesson that I need to 
do with my kiddos.  They were so excited when I broke this bad boy out!

So far, we have completed our first observation and our measurements of our crayfish.

We alternate our Science and Social Studies units in second grade.  We just finished our unit on US Symbols and the Branches of Government.  We completed our Traveling Tourists suitcases where we traveled around the USA to read and learn about different US Symbols and all of our new found information was tucked neatly inside of our "suitcases"....not to mention our COOL passports that we stamped at each destination!  My kids LOVED this unit...

After we finished our Traveling around the USA, we decided to spend some more time in Washington DC to learn about the Branches of Government.

We read my mini-reader as a class and had a VERY long discussion about the government... boy...that is a hard concept to teach!  Lots of information to soak in :)

Here is our Branches of Government Tab-It Booklet that we completed...


During my Daily 5 block, ALL of my students must rotate through my Work on Writing Station.  I always add some type of non-fiction research activity in this station.  This past week, my students have worked on my Solar System Tab-Its... They were SO ENGAGED!!!!  They LOVED learning about the solar system and did a FABULOUS JOB on their research!  Check them out...

Mother's Day Flip Flap Card Project

Plot and Cause and Effect




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