Bats and Spiders... and MORE... OH MY!

Hi Friends.. I hope this post finds you well.  With October approaching quite quickly, I wanted to let you know what I have my students do during our Daily 5 rotations in my Work on Writing station.

Introducing..... BATS!!!!

bats research

So... I LOVE having the students do different types of research projects in class during the month of October.  This month lends itself well with so many opportunities for having some fun learning and researching about creepy crawlies and things that fly in the night with Halloween coming up.
So in order to fit EVERYTHING in... I like to add research projects to my work on writing station.
During the month of October, my students will complete 3 - 4 different research projects at my Work on Writing Station.  My students always have a MUST DO and a CAN DO activity when they get to our Work on Writing Station.   This month they will focus on BATS, using EITHER.. my 
All About Bats  Bat-Shaped Interactive Notebook OR they can complete my Bats Flip Flap Book™

bats research

I add a variety of different non-fiction books, texts, and passages at the Work on Writing Station for them to read and complete their research.  Giving them a choice on which activity to complete is exciting for them!

The next project they will work on during their rotation to Work on Writing is Spider research using my Spiders Flip Flap Book™

spider research

spiders flip flap book

spider research

I also leave one of my ipads at the Work on Writing Center set up so they can watch this video as well.

The other 2 or 3 research projects that my students complete during the month of October is my 
Christopher Columbus Boat-Shaped Interactive Notebook activity, my Fire Safety Shaped-Writing Template, and my Halloween Writing Fun Interactive Notebook activity during the week of Halloween.  My Haunted House Halloween Shaped Booklet is what I use to differentiate my  Work on Writing station. A few of my students will not be able to handle 3-4 different projects in the month, so in order to differentiate, I will give those students my Haunted House Halloween Shaped Booklet.  This booklet has a page for spider research, bat research, writing an expository paragraph, a making words activity, and a few other activities.  So this booklet is a PERFECT way to differentiate my Work on Writing Station for my kiddos :)

Columbus interactive notebook

fire prevention week

fire prevention week

halloween interactive notebook

So... I just wanted to share a few of my Research-Based Projects that are at my Work on Writing Center for the month of October.  If you are interested in any of these resources, click the images below to check them out in my TPT Shop!

bats researchbats research

spider researchwriting templates

columbus activities halloween interactive notebook

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Apples, Apples, Apple Day!

APPLE DAY is coming!!!!

apple day

Apple Day is one of my FAVORITE days of the school year!  I have been doing Apple Day for the past 19 years in my classroom and I still love it every year.  Even though I LOVE summer, Fall is my favorite season.  The crisp air, the cooler temps, comfy light sweaters, and the COLORS of Fall are just mesmerizing here in NY!  I can sit and look at the trees all day when they are bursting with Fall colors :)

Our Apple Day is a math and literacy focused day.  My students work around my classroom and participate in various math and literacy activities using apples.  This is how it works...

I split my class up into three groups.  One group goes to the cafeteria with parent volunteers and bakes an apple treat for the class.  The parents focus on measuring and using different measuring tools and a recipe to follow. Then, in the classroom, I have 6 Apple Stations. Each Apple Station has some type of math activity or literacy activity.  They measure the circumference of their apple using a ribbon, they use rainbow cubes and unifix cubes to measure their ribbon, they use wooden blocks to weigh their apples, predict whether their apple will sink or float, and the last station they predict how many seeds are in their apple.  Then we cut it open and write an equation about the difference in the number of seeds they estimated and how many were actually in their apple.  Each of the groups go into the cafeteria to bake their apple treat and when they come back into the classroom they continue on with their station work.  They write all of their predictions and measurements in our apple booklet in addition to working on our flip flap book.

 Here is how I set up the stations.  
I use presentation boards around the room.
(CLEARLY... I need to update these presentation boards :) They need to be freshened up with some cute clipart and an ACTUAL FONT...OMG!)

As they travel throughout the stations, they also read various apple books and complete my Apple Flip Flap Book...

apple activity

Can't you see why I love Apple Day so much!!!  One of the best days of my year... and my kiddos LOVE IT!  They always write about this day as a fond memory at the end of the year!

Do you have an Apple Day in your classroom??

I also add my Johnny Appleseed Flip Flap Book to my Work on Writing Center and my kiddos work on this flip flap book every day for one week during our Daily 5 rotations and they LOVE IT!!!  If you are interested in checking these out, click the images below to head on over to my TPT Shop :) 

apple flip flap bookjohnny appleseed activity

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Classroom Reveal 2015

Hi Friends... I am so excited to be linking up with Angie and Ashley for our Classroom Reveals today and join in on the 2getherwearebetter badwagon!

  How EXCITING!  I love looking at other teacher's classrooms and getting new ideas.  Yesterday was my first day of school so I am a little nutty right now.  So I am just going to post some pictures and edit this later with some notes on the areas in my classroom! 

My theme this year is a color scheme of black, pink, and blue....
which was completely inspired by Reagan Tunstall from 
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits! 
Thanks, Reagan!


Student Mailboxes, homework basket, sink area....

 Art Station Supplies

This is my double-sided table.  One side is the Art Station and the other side is our Work on Writing Station.

Work on Writing Station

How to draw books and different writing papers for Work on Writing.  
My Writing Tab-Its go in the top bin that is changed out each week.

 Student Book Bins

Schedules and Job Helpers

Daily 5 Board

My NEW Library Labels that I LOVE!!

I redid my ENTIRE library this year with my color scheme :)  I am a happy girl!

 Front of Classroom

These are all of my Class Pictures from my past classes that I have had in my current school.  This will be my 18th year at my school :) and my 23rd year of teaching!

My organization bins that house all of my themed materials, books, and stations.

My students' cubbies!

Word Work Station

My desk area...

My Guided Reading Bins

I have 3 Listen to Reading Stations - 6 mp3 players, 5 cd players, and an ipod that houses 40 stories that I have multiple copies of.

 YES...I actually reupholstered my ugly chair!  I am STILL in SHOCK that I did this :)

Behavior Management System and my doorway

 Math Manipulatives

This is my Guided Math Board... I have to take a new picture today :(  I overexposed the photo..OOPS!

I am so excited to join in on the fun for the 
2getherwearebetter event!

Thanks again for coming on by!  Don't forget to check out all of the classrooms below!
Have fun and Good Luck with your new school year!